Who We Are

Mutual Friends is a Toronto-Based Creative Agency grounded in community, collaboration, and strategy from ideation to execution. We work with like-minded brands and individuals to create working partnerships that give more than they take.

We're passionate about crafting exceptional work for clients of all types, from industry leaders to ambitious newcomers, across a variety of sectors. Our adaptable approach ensures we can tackle any style or medium, welcoming new challenges and continually growing with each project.


At Mutual Friends, our process revolves around three core principles: Strategy, Execution, and Consultation.

We begin with strategic conceptualization and ideation, crafting a timeless roadmap that takes stock of current trends. We execute by bringing your brand to its target audience with precision and purpose. Finally, through consultation, we foster long-term partnerships- collaborating to identify opportunities and strengthen your brand vision by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Together, these principles guide our aim to create meaningful, impactful and usable brand experiences.


Consider us a natural extension of your business, working collaboratively to bring your vision to life. We strike the perfect balance between execution and aesthetics, ensuring that our creations are both functional and visually captivating.




Visual Identity
Website Design & Dev
Paid Ads


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Marketing Management
Partnerships & Influencers
Content Production


Alex Lovsin

Creative Director & Co-Founder

David Perry

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Claire Cowan

Marketing Manager

Company Culture

We're a close-knit team that's designed to grow with you. We approach work with a personal touch and collaborate with our network of mutual friends creating the perfect team for your project. You’ll find us up north on summer weekends, and travelling in the off-seasons—any opportunity to be outside together. We absorb as much of the world around us as we can as we believe it grows our capabilities in and out of office. Henry (Corgi seen below) supports us in and out of office with many important business ventures.