Lisa Gozlan Jewelry

We began working to create the Lisa Gozlan Brand Instagram page from scratch, driving results through influencer partnerships and advertising.


Brand Consultation, Social Management, Graphic Design, Social Advertising, Content


Lisa Gozlan Jewelry



After meeting Ryan and Lisa, we began working together to create the Lisa Gozlan Instagram page from scratch. We created a social strategy with a more cohesive and overall defined aesthetic that established their brand on social. We also took their quickly growing organic audience and used targeted ads to increase sales, the success of their collections, while also stirring up brand awareness.

Who is Lisa Gozlan?
Lisa Gozlan started her namesake brand out of the desire to find jewelry pieces she could style for herself and her clients without compromising style or quality. The curated collection mimics the same feeling she gets putting together a look. Mix it, layer it, wear it every day.