Amplifying Natural Beauty & Wellness through Strategic Digital Marketing

Project Overview

Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Influencer Marketing
Paid Ads
Social Management

Cardea AuSet, a Canadian beauty brand, is known for its all-natural skincare and wellness products aimed at inspiring self-care rituals. Their offerings, crafted with pure essential oils, botanicals, and minerals, have made them a favored brand among those seeking the intersection of beauty and wellness.

Mutual Friends partnered with Cardea AuSet for a year-long collaboration that significantly amplified their digital presence. Our team oversaw their digital marketing strategy, social media management, and paid advertisements, providing a comprehensive solution to boost brand visibility and engagement.

Our digital marketing strategy focused on promoting the brand's ethos of self-care and natural beauty. Through tailored content, we highlighted Cardea AuSet's commitment to using all-natural ingredients and the transformative power of their products, creating a narrative that resonated with their target audience.

In terms of social media management, we cultivated an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive feed that echoed the brand's values and aesthetic. Regular postings, interactive stories, and engaging content ensured constant interaction with followers and sparked conversations about the brand's product line and their benefits.

Our team also managed Cardea AuSet's paid ads, strategically utilizing Google Ads and social media platforms. We carefully targeted ads to reach those most likely to be interested in Cardea AuSet’s products, optimizing for conversions and return on ad spend.

Finally, we supported Cardea AuSet with eye-catching graphics, embodying their brand aesthetic and ethos. These graphics were utilized across various digital platforms, enhancing the overall visual identity of the brand and driving engagement.

As a result of our comprehensive efforts, Cardea AuSet saw increased brand awareness, significant growth in their digital following, and a substantial uptick in online sales, solidifying their place as a go-to in the natural beauty and wellness sector.

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